Owner Surrender

While it is never what we want to do, sometimes we find it necessary to surrender a dog to provide it a home with better care or to better meet the needs of our dog. This does not mean you don’t love your dog, quite the opposite, you love your dog enough to try to find a better solution. While we can’t take every dog that we receive a surrender form for, we will do our best to network within our foster program to see if a temporary home can be provided for your dog. To surrender a pet, please fill out the form below. This form is only binding when accepted by a member of the Little Dog Rescue of North Texas.

Little Dog Rescue of North Texas - Owner Surrender

I hereby certify that I am the rightful owner of the animal who is the subject of this Animal Surrender Form. I hereby surrender any and all property rights to the animal. I certify that no other person has a right of property to the animal. I understand that by surrendering my property rights to the animal, the animal will become property of the Little Dog Rescue of North Texas. I also hereby certify that the animal has/has not bitten or scratched a human or another animal within the past 10 days. I understand that once I relinquish the animal, the animal will not be available to be returned.