We are sad to report that Joey, the little fenced-chained senior Bichon dog (10-12 years old) we took on Thursday, was suffering way too much. We had to help him to peace.

We did bloodwork, sedated him for exams, gave him pain meds, a warm bed, blanket, good food and water. Joey's mouth was falling apart. He was in excruciating pain from many things, especially his mouth, ears and prostate issues. Joey was gone mentally, too. Nobody could touch him once he was in the kennel ...without using a soft muzzle and sedation. The years of abuse had taken its toll on him. There was no chance for him to have a home. Under the advice of our veterinarian, and much gut-wrenching consideration, we let him go Friday night, Jan. 13.

Today, when temperatures dropped to a wet 41 degrees, we talked about how we saved him from dying a miserable, lonely death at the end of a chain. He had no shelter at all. We thank Josie Hamel for getting him to Phillips Creek Veterinary Hospital on Thursday afternoon. We thank the people who donated for his care, including his final care expenses. Mary Konstans Benson, Sidnie Sherry Terry, Heidi Russell, Katie Sherrod, Samantha Daleo, Ronald G Smith, Jan Pederson Gandy, Deb Canter, Billie Harkrider Pierce and Diane Wade. Know that you saved him from a continued life of misery.  Joey weighed 8 lbs. May Joey rest peacefully now and run free, knowing so many people cared about him in the end. Life for life's sake only is no life at all. We did everything we could. #littledogrescueofnorthtexas